I'm Matteo Della Chiesa, Founder of Inspire Design, Lead Designer at Convertri and Freelance Designer at Purenine and Gessato.

I post Projects and Design ideas on BehanceDribbble. I share Design Inspirations and resources on Inspire Design, and I spend the majority of my time helping companies improve their online and digital presence.
These are some of the clients I've worked with

Matteo Della Chiesa Client List Logos

H1Z1 - Website Design

Website Design (advertising campaign) launched to promote a tournament between 4 Twitch teams that will compete in H1Z1 (Just Survive), a game developed by Daybreak / Sony and played by more than 5 Millions people.

Year – 2018         Client – Daybreak / Sony         Agency – Purenine

Chateau d’Ax Event Website

Chateau d’Ax is one of the leading furniture manufacturer in Italy, with over 100 stores in the world. They’re specialized in living rooms, kitchens and bedrooms furnitures. I have collaborated with the Milan based agency to create their event website.

Year – 2015         Client – Chateau d’Ax         Agency – cOOkies Adv

MarketHub Platform

MarketHub is an Italian Financial Startup born at the end of 2016 in collaboration with Intesa Sanpaolo, the biggest bank in Italy and third in Europe. Since February 2015, I’ve covered the role of UI/UX Design Consultant, working on Web, iOS, Android and Samsung TV platforms.

Client – MarketWall         In collaboration with – Intesa Sanpaolo         View Website

Gessato Blog

Gessato celebrates exceptional art, architecture, and style. They believe that sophistication is sustainable. They strive to bring people the very best of the world of design, to elevate creative thinking, to promote elegant decisions and innovative solutions.

Year – 2017         Client – Gessato         View Website

MinuteKey Website

MinuteKey is a 500 Inc. Fastest Growing Company that allow people to easily copy their home, office or padlock keys in just a minute. Since 2011, they have raised over $50 Millions and helped people duplicate over 60 Millions keys.

Client – MinuteKey         Agency – PortTwenty2

Parker Touch Display

Parker Hannifin is one of the leading companies in the Motion and Control Technologies Industry, which has just celebrated its 100th year of activity, can vaunt 58,000 employees and over $11 Billions of revenue per year. I have collaborated with the NY based agency to build a great experience for an on-stage presentations Touch Display.

Year – 2017         Client – Parker Hannifin         Agency – Purenine

Buneyard Marketplace

Buneyard is an independent boutique coffee manager startup. Their aim is to market and promote new generation exclusive coffee beans by empowering coffee farmers to take greater ownership in their financial future, leading to healthier and stronger global coffee economy.

Year – 2016-2017         Client – Buneyard Compagnie

Qbserve Landing Page

Qbserve is a Mac exclusive app that allow people to keep track of how they spend their time at the computer, providing a constant feedback on their productivity. It automatically tracks project time and also generates invoices for clients based on the collected data.

Year – 2017         Client – Qbserve / QotoQot         View Project

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